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Awarded 3D Artist from Ukraine since 2007. Founder of 3Dmitri Studio and CG AWARD UA.

My specialization includes interior and exterior visualizations, as well as modeling of individual architectural projects. I started drawing at the institute as a hobby, which quickly turned into my professional career.

Throughout the years, I have created many diverse projects for architects and designers from many different countries – namely Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Germany and Russia.

Among the many projects I designed are:

  • The Winter Olympic facilities in Sochi (2014)

  • The Interiors of the Massimo Duty Shops, hotels in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates

  • Office of famous Russian designer – Artemiy Lebedev

  • Many restaurants, private residences, and much more.

In 2009 my project “Tokyo Jewel Box” received awards at 3ddd.ru, Render.ru, and Evermotion.org.

In 2017 my project “Hut Adventurer” received awards at Render.ru, CGVertex.com, Cglife.pro, and VrayWorld.

I am passionate about and take pleasure in creating any type of CG work.


VWartclub ArchViz Award
Best of Evermotion Award
3ddd Award
CG Vertex The Best Of
CGArtZone The Best Of
CGlife.pro Award
Render.ru Award 2 times
Editors Choice on cgsociety.org 3 times
11 Front Pages on Evermotion.org
4 times posted in Render Magazine on Render.ru
Behance Architecture Curated Gallery
Posted on modern.architect in Instagram with 1,6 millions followers
Posted on achitectanddesign in Instagram with 1,2 millions followers